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Storage Tips Anyone Can Use

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When you’re finally ready to move your items into the storage unit of your choice, here are three storage tips to keep in mind that will help you fit everything and keep it in top condition.

Plan Ahead

Getting ready to move belongings into a storage unit is often a great time to comb through what you own and discard, sell or donate anything you don’t need now and won’t need in the future. There’s no right or wrong way to do this sort of cleaning as long as you keep what you need and dispose of the rest in a proper manner.

Don’t expect to come to your storage unit the day you want to move everything in without properly preparing it first. This means packing away items in heavy-duty corrugated boxes or sturdy plastic containers with the proper packing paper, bubble wrap or other wrapping. Use actual packing tape to seal any cardboard boxes or other containers that you need sealed.

Don’t forget to label all of your boxes with what’s inside. After all, most of your boxes are going to look incredibly similar, and when you come back for something, you don’t want to search through all of your boxes. You can easily label boxes by writing on them directly with permanent marker or writing on a strip of tape that can then be affixed to the top and front of the boxes.

When it comes to furniture and other similar items, consider whether they should be kept covered. Breathable sheets and drop cloths easily prevent dust build-up while allowing air to circulate. This helps prevent moisture from accumulating and therefore helps stop the growth of mold and mildew.

Pack Smart

Packing smart applies both to the boxes themselves and how you choose to stack them in your storage unit. Heavy items should be packed in smaller boxes, so you don’t overfill a box and then can’t even lift it. Think about how difficult it would be to pick up a large box filled with old textbooks or power tools.

Heavier boxes should then be placed underneath lighter boxes in the unit. Even heavy-duty boxes filled with lighter items aren’t going to be able to handle significantly heavier boxes stacked on top for a longer period of time. Stacking by weight, and not stacking boxes too high, will help protect your belongings from falling as well.

Keep Your Unit Organized

The easiest way to keep your unit clean is to create your own organizational system. This means creating a labeling system, like mentioned earlier, and planning how you’ll place all of the items in the unit.

Think about what items you’ll potentially need to access more often or sooner. You don’t want to stack a lot of other boxes or belongings on top of those “must access” items and you don’t want those items to be at the very back of the unit.

Consider whether you’ll need to plan a small walking path or place shelving units inside your unit. Even if you don’t need many things placed on shelves, it’s important to keep things off the ground. Even though your unit should be weatherproof, the elements can strike unexpectedly. Placing everything off the ground at least a few inches can help prevent water damage and the like.

Need More Storage Tips?

Don’t hesitate to call us as you prepare to put your important items into storage. At Truckee Self Storage, we want you to be confident in your storage choices.

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